Interested in tapping into your dog’s superpower?

Scent detection is a fun activity that enhances your bond and provides mental and physical stimulation.

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Want to nose why this is so cool?

It gives your dog…

1. A job or purpose

2. An energy outlet

3. Confidence

4. Independence & Autonomy

5. Abilities to compete in nosework competitions

6. Skills that will help them in hunting or tracking

7. Capabilities to be a better working dog or service dog

8. Opportunity to be a better companion

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What kind of odor(s) could your dog detect?

Some examples include…

1. Birch

2. Anise

3. Clove

4. Antler shed

5. Prey (waterfowl, deer, etc.)

6. Bed bugs

7. Mold

8. Allergens (like peanut butter)

9. (Finding) pets or humans alive or their remains

10. Hormonal changes in saliva (like blood sugar, seizure, stress, panic attacks, etc.) 

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Want to nose more?

One of my favorite seminars to date was when Zahra and I received our certification at the Ford K9 CSDT Seminar.

Interested in learning more about Ford K9?

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