a group hiking a mountain with a dog


A life where you and your dog enjoyed all of your favorite hobbies together.

Feeling confident taking your dog on every adventure with you.

The only thing stopping you from going was because they did not allow dogs.

Chasing your dreams as you lived your best life with your best friend.

We are here to tell you that there is hope.

That your dreams are not as far-fetched as you may think. That we are confident in helping you and your dog make dreams into reality. And that it is our sole mission to empower you and your dog in living the life you deserve.

All of our training programs are customized to best fit you and your dog’s needs as a family. We realize that everyone, including your dog, is an individual with exceptional learning styles, goals, dreams, and lifestyles.

For this very reason, we require that you and your dog meet us in person. During a FREE consultation, we would love the opportunity meet your family, hear about your dreams, and answer all of your questions. Once we have a better understanding of how we may best assist you, we then will create a training program alongside you.

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Ready to make your dreams into reality?


I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the great result you achieved in my case. I felt safe and understood. The professionalism, care, and consideration for my needs has been superb. I will be recommending you to every person I know looking for dog training in the future!

— Kristin Smith

I was extremely happy with the results achieved. Throughout the process everyone at Ukiyo Dogs was professional, polite, and friendly. I could not have asked for anyone better to support me and my dog.

— Sean Murphy