At Ukiyo Dogs, we strive to help you develop a balanced canine partner who best suits your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Through a focus on clarity in foundational training, we build a personalized program that allows for the growth of a happy partnership in which your dog is an eager and willing participant. We begin by utilizing a clear marker system and positive reinforcement to build enthusiasm in commands and an understanding of behavioral expectations.

Once we are confident that each dog has a thorough understanding of training, we then overlay training tools to guide them through real-world situations and distractions. 

Following training, you will have a reliable partner who has been given the tools and knowledge to make appropriate behavioral decisions no matter the environment! 

Whether you would like to improve manners, excel in advanced training, or develop a reliable adventure buddy, we have a program that will challenge and grow your relationship with your dog in ways that you never thought possible! 

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