Each program is customized to best fit you and your dog’s unique needs. Training options and pricing are based on your goals, lifestyle, and an in-person evaluation of your dog. Set up a FREE consultation to learn how we can help you live your best life!

Working with us does not mean you are just a client, it means you are part of our Ukiyo Dogs family. We promise to always support you in living your best life with your furry best friend. We will not only love your dog, but also treat them as if they are our own.

Training is used to integrate dogs into your daily life, not add to the list of things you need to do. We teach your dog how to partake in the activities that are significant to you. We value showing your dog how to not only be a part of, but also enjoy all aspects of your life. Whether this be at home, work, hobbies, activities with your kids, walks, errands, park adventures, traveling, or the great outdoors – it is pawsible to enjoy time together with your furry best friend.

Dogs spend the entire program reinforcing training by living with a professional dog trainer.

Dogs will reinforce their training in various types of environments with the highest levels of distractions. This is important because it gives dogs the tools they need to confidently navigate through all facets of life. Dogs will reliably perform commands as long as parents follow through with their part of the training. 

We will work with any dog, despite any behavioral issue. Some of the many examples include reactivity, aggression, overexcitement, prey drive, off-leash reliability, tricks, specialized training, etc. We also show how to appropriately interact or behave around other dogs, other animals, prey, mail carriers, new friends, kids, babies, elderly folks, etc.

We do everything in our power to help clients succeed. It is very important that we utilize the best techniques dog training has to offer in addition to using the learning style that best suits you. In addition to this, we offer refreshers, follow-up sessions, and training guides to ensure your goals are reached.

We are also very knowledgeable about how breed, gender, and ages affect an individual’s learning style. This helps us to better understand how each dog navigates training, behavioral modification, drive, motivation, play, and social interactions. We are also cognizant of how breed and individual needs – whether that be body condition, skeletal structure, sizes of snouts, and overall disease – are affected by exercise, disease, weather, and environmental conditions.

We have experience and education that provides insight about how food affects the body. This knowledge helps to navigate allergies, food restrictions, skin issues, digestion issues, and energy levels. With your consent, we add food and supplements to your dog’s diet in order to increase the longevity, health, and energy of your dog. This is important in keeping up with the heightened exercise and training regime.

Safety and health is of the utmost importance to us. While we are not certified veterinarians, groomers, or canine nutritionists, we have years of experience and education that make us confident in keeping your dog happy and safe. With more than 10 years of training in hundreds of different scenarios, we have many preventative procedures ensuring your dog’s safety along with experience identifyingearly signs of ailments. We work on helping your dog feel more confident in settings with veterinarians, groomers, and other health specialists.